Ten/Ten Games Releases Beau and Bow Gameboy-Inspired Game with Beatscribe OST

Ten/Ten games released a wonderful Gameboy-inspired Steam game today called Beau and Bow. I was honored to do some of the music for this great game that recalls classics like Kirby and Super Mario Land. Its not just a clone of these games though! It has a unique play mechanic where you control two characters with different abilities and have to use their abilities together to solve the games puzzles. It’s a a light-hearted and fun game with a lovely atmosphere. Check it out today!


Gameboy Asset Pack : Adventure/RPG Music

Trying something new, I’ve now been releasing some pre-made asset packs for purchase on itch.io. They are made to be used for variety of Gameboy projects that utilize the hUGEDriver (GB Studio, GBDK). This is an alternative for paying for bespoke music if you are doing a quick Game Jam or casual project. The entry rate for getting music is a lot lower. This first pack is all about the classic dramatic sounds of games like Zelda. Check out the complete pack here!

Hall of Kunger Binb Episode II ZZT Engine game released with Beatscribe ANSI art maps

In game ANSI graphics (click for detail)

Hall of Kunger Binb Episode II marks the 30 year anniversary of the existence of the ZZT game engine. You might remember this game if you grew up in the 90s as the game where you are a tiny smily face icon navigating an ANSI world. The original was designed by Tod Sweeney who went on to form Epic Games and wrote the Unreal Engine which has been bringing us well, epic games.

This project uses a modified ANSI character set that still stays in the confines of the original ZZT engine. It can actually be played on an old DOS machine (if you still have one) or in a browser. I remember playing the original shareware ZZT when I was just a little kid on my old 386 orange monochrome machine sometime in the 90s. I never thought it’d still be a thing in 2022.

Pepite Studios Releases Peppy’s Adventure with Beatscribe SNES soundtrack

Peppy’s Adventure recalls classic puzzle games like The Adventures of Lolo (NES). It has a great variety and bright fun colors that remind me of classic SMB games as well. Despite its cute look, the game is difficult! It might seem easy on the surface but the complexity and difficulty ramps up quickly.

For the soundtrack, I worked closely with the Peptite Studios team who are true aficionados of classic game music. We tried to capture some of the fun and adventurous spirit of the 16-bit era with SNES styled samples that mirror the colorful graphics of the game. You can pick it up on Steam today!

Timelapse ANSI Art Creation

Created in DosBox over about two hours. Lost the early creation footage but it was not very interesting.

GameChops Releases Epic Sonic Remix Album Spindash 2

450x450bbGamechops has long since established itself as the go-to label for awesome video game remixes. Dj Cutman’s crew has just released the extensive and polished Spindash 2. With tracks spanning the entire Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, you really get your moneys worth with this collection. Stand out tracks, in my personal opinion is Blind’s remix of Starlight (my all time favorite Sonic song) and Chjolo’s Totally Rad from Sonic Adventure 2. There is not a bad track on the album and I particularly like how they were able to breathe life into songs that have been remixed many times – especially those from the original Sonic the Hedgehog. Grab this album today.

Megaman Inspired Venture Kid Features Norrin Radd’s Last ModPlug NES Soundtrack

Matt Creamer aka Norrin Radd has is without a doubt one of the masters of NES composition. With amazing NES albums like Melodia de Infinita and Anomaly and his unique style and mastery of the 2A03, he is the perfect choice for a iOS game soundtrack that tries to pay homage to the classic Megaman series.


Venture Kid feels like an NES game from the opening cinematic scenes. Every tone and sound is authentic and the game itself mostly sticks to the limitations of the NES, with the exception of some multi-paralax scrolling backgrounds and modern “achievement” style awards.


Matt says this is his last NES album using ModPlug, which he uses for its ability to slightly detune the pulses, a trick that adds some cool shine to the standard NES tones. Like much of his work, there is a bit of a middle-eastern scale vibe and its mostly apparent in the pyramid level. Perhaps the games only shortcoming is you don’t get to select a stage. It feels like Megaman in every other way but that. The stages are filled with secrets and places to use weapons, but you have to go at them in order. All things considered though, its as close to an NES experience you can get on your iPhone and I highly recommend it.

EchoNest Infinite Jukebox Creates Endless Remixes of Your Favorite Songs

An awesome web-based took that Chris from Asmadi Games recently brought to my attention is Infinity Jukebox It finds all the identical audio moments in a song and maps them to other identical moments. The circular representation of your song is a whole new way of looking at music too. Its like suddenly having another dimension of music available.

As the song plays, it randomly takes these branches to link together other sections of the song that normally wouldn’t connect. What you get is a endless loop of version of your favorite songs. Some songs work better than others. Daft Punk songs tend to warp seamlessly. Other songs are pretty random and remix-y.  This is a great tool to help you come up with new melodies. Load up a melody you’ve created that regularly returns to the same note and you’ll see how it can be rearranged.

This track from RobKTA is a great example of how it can give you cool ideas on how to re-arrange the melodies and composition of a song.

3DNES Emulator Turns Your Favorite NES Games into Pseudo-3D

If, like me, you always wondered what your favorite classic Nintendo games would’ve looked like in 3D, now you can get an idea with the 3DNES emulator. This emulator takes the 2D Art of your favorite games and extrapolates some data about what is walls an what is not, and creates a pseudo-3D version of your classic game.
 It’s obviously still in its beta phase, as it occasionally glitches out or flickers, but at its best moments it turns a classic into a papercraftesque version of Megaman or Metroid. Then simpler games seem to hold together better. Metroid and Megaman 1 look great. Zelda 2 and Super Mario Bros 3 and other complex games tend to turn into more trippy experience.   

Check it out here!

Little Paw – Space Corgi LP From Ex-Revengineer Nick Maynard

maxresdefault-1Nick Maynard is the guy behind the awesome post rock of Revengineers, one of the best post-rock/chiptune groups in my humble opinion. He also has some solo stuff, an LSDJ manual that is quite popular and has helped out with the also-amazing Noisewaves.

Little Paw is his new release which visits some familiar emotional territory of the Reengineers, earnest guitar and soaring leads evoke all kinds of feelings. However, the palette is expanded and more danceable this time.

While the guitar playing in Revengineers is mostly rhythmic and textural, this project puts it a bit more center stage with some great solos and awesome riffs. One of the most interesting pieces is Flying Slowly, which is a slower song, reminiscent of M38, with an epic bluesy 80s guitar solo at the end.

You will also get some awesome extras, including an unreleased Revengineers track and some wonderful other projects that Nick has in the works. Grab this awesome album today!