Hall of Kunger Binb Episode II ZZT Engine game released with Beatscribe ANSI art maps

In game ANSI graphics (click for detail)

Hall of Kunger Binb Episode II marks the 30 year anniversary of the existence of the ZZT game engine. You might remember this game if you grew up in the 90s as the game where you are a tiny smily face icon navigating an ANSI world. The original was designed by Tod Sweeney who went on to form Epic Games and wrote the Unreal Engine which has been bringing us well, epic games.

This project uses a modified ANSI character set that still stays in the confines of the original ZZT engine. It can actually be played on an old DOS machine (if you still have one) or in a browser. I remember playing the original shareware ZZT when I was just a little kid on my old 386 orange monochrome machine sometime in the 90s. I never thought it’d still be a thing in 2022.

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