[•ANSI Art Gallery•]

I am available for ANSI art comissions. My pricing is as follows:

Full screen means 80char x 24 lines…

Black and White ANSI/ASCII $4 per line (full screen = $96)

Color ANSI Traditional 16 colors 5$ per line (full screen = $120)

Unlimited Color ANSI Colors $6 per line (full screen = $144)

You can email me at beatscribes@gmail.com to get a quote on your project. Prices vary depending on art style and content.

Commission for HAK5‘s ANSI Logo T-ShirtWatch How It Gets Made!

SNDBOX Malware Deep Learning System T-shirt and Sticker Design
Logo for opcde.com.
Used in issue of the Linux Journal.

Below are examples of fully compatible style. It will display correctly in any system with a mono-spaced font, even Windows Notepad.

Time Lapse Creation Videos

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