[•ANSI Art Gallery•]

I am available for ANSI art comissions. My pricing is as follows:

Full screen means 80char x 24 lines…

Black and White ANSI/ASCII $4 per line (full screen = $96)

Color ANSI Traditional 16 colors 5$ per line (full screen = $120)

Unlimited Color ANSI Colors $6 per line (full screen = $144)

If you are not sure your Terminal will be compatible with my files, use this handy kit to determine the level of compatibility I should work at for your needs.

You can email me at beatscribes@gmail.com to get a quote on your project. Prices vary depending on art style and content.

Commission for GitHub.
Commission for HAK5‘s ANSI Logo T-ShirtWatch How It Gets Made!

SNDBOX Malware Deep Learning System T-shirt and Sticker Design
Logo for opcde.com.
Used in issue of the Linux Journal.
In-game ANSI Maps from Hall of the Kunger Binb: Episode II – 30 year anniversary release on the ZZT engine.
Animated logo example. Message for pricing.

Label for ConsolePedals Guitar Pedal

Below are examples of fully compatible style. It will display correctly in any system with a mono-spaced font, even Windows Notepad.

Time Lapse Creation Videos

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