Megaman Inspired Venture Kid Features Norrin Radd’s Last ModPlug NES Soundtrack

Matt Creamer aka Norrin Radd has is without a doubt one of the masters of NES composition. With amazing NES albums like Melodia de Infinita and Anomaly and his unique style and mastery of the 2A03, he is the perfect choice for a iOS game soundtrack that tries to pay homage to the classic Megaman series.


Venture Kid feels like an NES game from the opening cinematic scenes. Every tone and sound is authentic and the game itself mostly sticks to the limitations of the NES, with the exception of some multi-paralax scrolling backgrounds and modern “achievement” style awards.


Matt says this is his last NES album using ModPlug, which he uses for its ability to slightly detune the pulses, a trick that adds some cool shine to the standard NES tones. Like much of his work, there is a bit of a middle-eastern scale vibe and its mostly apparent in the pyramid level. Perhaps the games only shortcoming is you don’t get to select a stage. It feels like Megaman in every other way but that. The stages are filled with secrets and places to use weapons, but you have to go at them in order. All things considered though, its as close to an NES experience you can get on your iPhone and I highly recommend it.


Lucky Kat Studios releases Nom Cat with Beatscribe Sound and Music

I am back from hiatus to announce a new game just released with my productions. We are approaching a cat singularity on the Internets. And with good reason. Cats are awesome. Nom Cat is a new game from Lucky Kat studios where you have to feed our furry friends and help them avoid bombs. The game has a variety of backgrounds and lots of cool items you can buy to dress up your cat (I love the fro particularly). The gameplay is simple but harder than it looks initially.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 1.48.45 PM

For the music we mostly used the DMG-01 chip from the gameboy but added a few more layers than you’d get out of the real gameboy. One of the challenges was creating an accordion sound for the France level in 8-bit chip limitations. Since the accordion is a very imprecise instrument, it helped to use multiple pulses with different attack rates at different octaves. It gave it that slightly ‘sloppy’ feeling that defined such a organic instrument like the accordion.

The game also includes avatars of famous instagram cats, check #instanomcat to see all the celebrity cats available. Some of the proceeds also go to help cat charities, so you can’t go wrong with this! Get this game right meow!

[iOs] [android]

BDI Software Releases Three Awesome iOS and Android Games with Beatscribe Music

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 8.04.58 PMOne of the great things about being a freelance composer, is you get to work with people from all over the world and all types of games. I was commissioned to do a couple of fun 16-bit style arcade songs a few months ago for BDI Software and now their sweet games are hitting the shelves.

War of the Coins, Satoshi Puzzle and Spin of the Coins are all fairly involved multiplayer card game endeavors that have an interesting thing in common, they teach you about online currencies such as AltCoin and BitCoin.

Pick up these fun games today for both Android or iOS.

War of the Coins [iOs] [android]

Satoshi Puzzle [iOs] [android]

Spin of the Coins [iOs] [android]

Exalt releases Fruit Slinger with Beatscribe music

I love ski ball, although I was never particularly good At it. Fruit Slinger accurately captures the feeling of ski ball on a mobile device. It’s a fun casual game that keeps you coming back for more.

For the music, Exalt wanted something that sounds modern but also iconic western. It was a odd combination but I think it worked out nicely. Get it today!

[android]. [iOs]

Flowspark Studios Releases Danger Rabbit with BeatScribe Sounds

drabbitYou can’t go wrong making an iOS game with killer physics, great graphics and a simple yet functional game mechanic. In Danger Rabbit you guide a secret agent bunny and his sentient plank freind (you read it right, a talking piece of wood) though various locations in search of a stolen treasure. Danger Rabbit moves on his own and you draw planks in places that will propel him to the next area. It’s addicting and fun gameplay.

Some times you also get to fire him from a cannon or take out a fleet of attacking birds with a little gun turret. The levels start off easy but get tough very fast! This is the kind of game you’ll be playing for a while! [iOS]

Throwback Thursday: My First Professional Video Game Soundtrack

Three years ago, I never had any plan to be making music full time. I had plans to be a full time blogger and quit my day job and maybe try my hand at an iOS in the process. However, one little iOs game changed all that. Bravado Waffle is run by a good friend of mine who originally asked me to make a few tunes for the game. This was the first game I’d ever worked on that had any kind of potential for reaching more than a few homebrew enthusiasts, so I was excited.

Blow stuff up!

Blow stuff up!

Robo Hero spent almost two years in development. It was a team of three; Stephen, the marketing guy and one with the idea for Bravado Waffle. Chris, a talented developer who has a work ethic I’ve yet to encounter elsewhere, and me – originally contracted just to make the music and sounds, but who ended up also designing the levels.

Robo Hero got positive reviews from tons of sites and the music was occasionally mentioned favorably as well. This was a big boost to my confidence as a composer and really helped me to start considering a career as an indie musician. I ended up doing the levels for Robo Hero and started doing all I could to make it look like Megaman. I was very happy when one reviewer referred to Robo Hero as “the new blue bomber.” I could not have asked for more. The game is split into planning and action phases, so the music had to be contemplative, but not so soft that it seemed out of place during the action phases. Stephen insisted on a “theme” going throughout the tracks. Although initially I didn’t like this, it was effective and forced me to learn some new tricks as far as reusing and remixing the same melodies.

Robo Hero had you plan your moves out 15 steps at a time and then see how it unfolded.

Robo Hero had you plan your moves out 15 steps at a time and then see how it unfolded.

Robo Hero was downloaded and enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people. It helped us get our feet wet in the gaming industry and I still enjoy playing the pass and play mode with my wife.

I’ll always have a special place in my heart for this little game. I spent many days working on the levels and music on my train rides to and from work. It was proving grounds for what I could do if I took the time and put my mind to it.  We put tons of time into it and learned a ton. It’s still free on the app store so go and grab it.

Robo Hero [iOS]