Wick Studios and Cheerful Ghost to Release Starship Rubicon with Beatscribe OST

I’m really excited to share some news about Rubicon, a game I worked more than two years ago.
The creator Wick is back with plans for an all-new version and partnering with Cheerful Ghost to get the game to a wider audience than ever before.

What started as a small kickstarter campaign to let Wick spend a summer making a game instead of working during college has blown up into a life-changing project.

The Rubicon sound track was an important career stepping stone for me too. Although I split duties with another composer, it was one of the coolest genres Id had the privilege to work on. It helped me solidify “my sound” and lead me to many more jobs.

Since I’ve learned a ton since then, I’ll be remaking the original soundtrack from scratch and also creating a variety of brand new tracks. In the end I’ll be releasing an entire OST album based on what we make plus some remixes and other treats.

Runicon has always been about the juxtaposition of classic gaming and modern game design, it’s fitting the soundtrack would merge Chiptunes and EDM into each other in a similar  way.

Please support this project, if it goes well enough we could get the much desired multiplayer version! I’ll keep you posted on how. In the meantime check out the original tracks I created years ago. You can also get the latest free builds of the original Rubicon here.

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