Gazapper Games releases Solar Rush with Beatscribe Sounds

IMG_4369.JPGGazapper Games continues outputting awesome android games based on classic zx spectrum titles. Their latest one is based on Transversion. It’s a great space game that tests your reflexes. It seems simple at first but this simple strategy title’s difficulty escalates quickly.

Gazapper Games’ titles are rooted in the retro gaming style of the early generation of consoles, but they wanted to take the music a bit forward from the spectrum with some Genesis style 16-bit vibes. Get it today!

Pixel Delight Releases Maze for The Nook

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 8.32.19 PMPixel Delight has just released a great new game for the Barnes and Noble Nook. In fact, it’s the first game for the Nook I’ve worked on. We just made one small yet lovely piece that sounds very medieval. Check out this great little accelerometer app today!

[Purchase Pixel Delight’s Maze For Nook]