Asmadi Game’s Adorable Pandering Featuring Beatscribe Sounds – Kickstarter Now Live

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 4.37.46 PMOk, so it’s just the kickstarter video featuring my music, but this looks like a cool casual card game. While Asmadi Games has really complex things in the works too, they also have some cool, simple, easy-to-learn games like this one. Check it out and donate to this awesome game today!

Kickstarter: Brad Smith To Release NES Game on Actual Cartridge


I am quite possibly one of Brad Smith’s biggest fans. His complete cover of The Dark Side of the Moon on a NES cart is always in regular rotation on my playlist. Brad is putting his chiptune and professional game development experience to work on a brand new game for the NES called Lizard. He’s running a Kickstarter here and it’s a project I’d really like to see succeed. The demo thus far reminds me of Legacy of the Wizard, Metroid and Little Nemo. The video also hints at some different play modes and of course, we can expect quality chip tunes. Pledge today!

Beatscribe Contributes to Midwest Chiptune Collective Comp Album

That's right, Detroit has a chiptune scene.

That’s right, Detroit has a chiptune scene.

I honestly don’t think of “chiptune” when I think of the Midwest. I think more of cornfields and tree-lined roads. I grew up in small towns/suburbs in Michigan and have lived in the Midwest for the majority of my life now. I guess Chicago still counts as the Midwest although it doesn’t feel quite like it.

Piko Boy, who is also from Michigan is putting together a Midwest/Detroit chiptune scene compilation. I’m very happy to be included in this awesome work. Unless I find time in the next month to create something new, I’ll be contributing one of the Rubicon tracks.

You can help make this album a reality by pledging on Piko Boy’s Kickstarter campaign to help him get off the ground. The good news is, he’s almost there!  Let’s help push it over the top!