Lucky Kat Studios releases Nom Cat with Beatscribe Sound and Music

I am back from hiatus to announce a new game just released with my productions. We are approaching a cat singularity on the Internets. And with good reason. Cats are awesome. Nom Cat is a new game from Lucky Kat studios where you have to feed our furry friends and help them avoid bombs. The game has a variety of backgrounds and lots of cool items you can buy to dress up your cat (I love the fro particularly). The gameplay is simple but harder than it looks initially.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 1.48.45 PM

For the music we mostly used the DMG-01 chip from the gameboy but added a few more layers than you’d get out of the real gameboy. One of the challenges was creating an accordion sound for the France level in 8-bit chip limitations. Since the accordion is a very imprecise instrument, it helped to use multiple pulses with different attack rates at different octaves. It gave it that slightly ‘sloppy’ feeling that defined such a organic instrument like the accordion.

The game also includes avatars of famous instagram cats, check #instanomcat to see all the celebrity cats available. Some of the proceeds also go to help cat charities, so you can’t go wrong with this! Get this game right meow!

[iOs] [android]


StarTales Interactive Releases MegaBird with Beatscribe 8-bit NES Soundtrack

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 10.58.37 AMThe Flappy Bird styled app has been providing tons of simplistic fun for a while now. It’s cool to see some new games that expand on the original formula. Megabird is one such game. It includes bosses and other features you don’t always see in these kind of games. For the soundtrack, we went straight to inspiration from one of the classics, Megaman II. It’s clear that the creator was heavily inspired by the classic genre on this game too. Check it out today!

CliffPro debuts YouTube Gaming Channel with Beatscribe Theme Song


I posted the full-length theme a while back, but now CliffPro is up and running with his excellent channel. Be sure to subscribe today.


Russ Lyman Debut’s New Beatscribe Theme Song for his Retro Gaming Youtube Channel

If you haven’t checked out Russ Lyman’s retro gaming channel, you should. Not just because he now has a megaman inspired theme song by me. I mean look at the car this guy drives. He may be a bigger fan of retro gaming than me!

Why A Geek Goes To The Gym


The gym may seem like the last place on earth you’d expect to find those inclined to gaming, sci-fi, computing, comic books and the like. But as this slew of shirts I happened across recently shows, there are more and more “geeks” getting into fitness. The motivation actually to hit the gym differs from person to person. For me, it was being tired of feeling lousy and being overweight. I was kind of worried that going to the gym as an adult would be a hostile experience for someone who isn’t the sporty type. While there are always a few dudes kind of strutting around (surprisingly not all of the strutters are even fit), for the most part it’s been a pleasant experience. What kept me going however is kind of interesting. XKCD really sums it up nicely here:


Yup, going to the gym is basically a big RPG with stats, levels and everything. You’ll have to hone new skills, you’ll keep an eye on numbers, eventually learn and obtain new equipment, purchase recharging drinks (protein potions!) and like the classic console RPGs, you’ll have to put in some time to get stronger and see results. While you may not find that everyone in the gym shares your interests, you’ll definitely see benefits. I’ve found that since I started exercising regularly, I slept better, had more stable moods and even became more creative. Writing music and programming can strain the mind, but some mindless lifting of metal circles can really refresh you. Each shirt pic has a link where you can pick it up and start you’re own collection.