I’m a professional musician who has 10 years of experience in electronic and live music. I have performed with several bands and numerous instruments. I’m the “go-to” music guy for numerous iOS developers and enjoy making music of just about any genre imaginable. I’m extremely influenced by old-school, 8-bit, chip tune melodies. I try to incorporate some of these melodies and feelings into modern instrumentation.

I create original songs for as little as a lot less than most composers. I’m a full-time freelancer so I make my living on music and other endeavors. I’m happy to help out on projects of almost any size.

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  1. Seth Derochie

     /  January 4, 2015

    Dear Mr.BeatScribe. We here at: The Kingdoms Of Estemere are creating an all new Minecraft MMORPG server, and we wish to have custom music for everything. This will include several orchestral songs, including tavern music, open world music, boss music, etc. If you are interested, please contact me via the email attached to this message, where we can talk more and discuss business. Thank you for you time, and we await your arrival in: The Kingdom Of Estemere!
    Yours in business,
    Seth “The Overlord” Derochie.


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