Beatscribe Sound Theme Now In Habitica Productivity RPG

I’m honored to announce that a new NES 8-bit sound theme I authored has been added to Habitica. If you aren’t aware of Habitica, it is absolutely one of the greatest apps I’ve ever used. As I’ve written about before, I feel like video games (especially RPGs) have taught me a lot and helped me to become a productive grownup.

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 6.06.02 PM

This is Beatscribe in Habitica

Habitica takes your every day task list and turns it into quests in a 8-bit RPG. The beauty of Habitica is there isn’t really anything to do except what you have to do in your day to day life. For example, you might set up a task “Write weekly article on blog” – clearly not one of my actual tasks, but it should be. When you complete it, you check it off and gain some experience and gold. When you and your friends start a “quest” you fight a monster or boss each night. Depending on how many of your tasks you did or didn’t do, you will damage the boss and/or he will damage you. You can also add bad habits in, like “Eat Donuts”, if you eat a donut, you click it and you will lose some HP that day. You do it yourself, so its basically honor system, but it wouldn’t be much fun if you cheated anyways.


A sample character in Habitica.

Theres an endless array of pets, mounts, armor, weaponry, hats, capes, etc. You never run out of things to do. It has really helped me to be more motivated. I just can’t stand knowing I’m going to miss out on a bunch of experience and gold if I decide not to floss. You can make a questing party with your friends to add further elements to it, and it really does help you all stay motivated, because, if your buddies start to slack off, the boss damages the whole party.

There are a bunch of great sound themes already on the site, but, I just had to add one that feels like the original Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy on the NES. The graphics just go so perfect with that kind of thing.

Try it out today, they have an iOS app but the web version is really best (thats where you can hear my theme as well). Its totally free but you can pay to unlock special things or progress quicker. Look me up (Beatscribe is my moniker of course) in the Retro Gaming guild too.

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