Free OST for Chesslike by Beatscribe Now Available

Moore Interactive has really created something cool with Chesslike. Imagine a game of chess, but instead of a square board, you have a dungeon-like maze from Zelda. It’s a novel idea but it plays out really nicely. Some levels pit you in a maze filled with enemy pieces, others put you in crazy scenarios like 2 queens vs 10 rooks. It’s chess like you’ve never played it. As you move thru the levels you encounter more interesting scenarios. You will come to dread what I call the “knight mazes” – just crossing a room to get a key as a knight requires some serious thought. Fortunately, the difficulty is well-balanced and never overwhelming.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 12.47.14 PMFor the music of Chesslike, we create some light medieval-themed chiptunes that with a soft edge to them. It’s a little lighter than the standard Beatscribe tunes. The soundtrack is free right now on band camp. Go grab a copy!

[iOs] [Play] [bandcamp]

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