Yabado Releases Bird Duel with Beatscribe Tunes

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 7.36.02 AMWhat do you get when you take the simple mechanics of flappy bird and add amazing levels filled with ridiculously huge obstacles and also two player mode? You get Bird Duel released earlier this week from Yabado. It sports the Flappy Bird one-touch mechanic that you might think would be old by now, but this is WAY more than a simple Flappy Bird clone.

While the idea is the same, you are up against massive buzz saws, windmills and other screne-size obstacles that you need to flap around. The multiplayer mode adds a whole dynamic and keeps things fresh.

I teamed up with Yabado to create some mellow, semi-authentic chip tunes. The wanted things to ben a bit on the lighter side, we kept the classic ARP sounds and some NES chip sounds but softened them up a bit with some nice pads and drums. The end product fits the game perfectly. Get it now!

[ios] [android]



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