Fill your MP3 Player With Sega Genesis Sounds

This should provide adequate audio sustenance for the next 8 hours of programming!

This should provide adequate audio sustenance for the next 8 hours of programming!

Last week we looked at some awesome Sega Genesis soundtracks. As a programmer, I spend at least 8 hours a day firmly ensconced in headphones. I’m one of those few people who probably actually uses the iPod classic to it’s full capacity (I’m one of the few who even has a iPod classic). You can listen to these online but I like to “own” my music, not be dependent on wifi or anything.

You could try your hand at those annoying fileshare websites to get these mp3s but most likely you’ll spend hours downloading one track at a time and maybe get a virus too.

Instead, is the place to go for Sega Genesis soundtracks. However getting them into mp3 format isn’t the easiest thing around. They are in vgz format, which of course your phone or MP3 player can’t run. I saw some frustrated posts about this so i came up with my own solution. Here’s the steps to convert them.

  1. Download all the soundtracks from that you want and unzip them to the same directory.
  2. Download Winamp and the out_lame plug-in that goes with it.
  3. Create a new playlist in Winamp and drag all the VGZ’s into them.
  4. Click Ctl+P to open preferences, and under output pick “Lame Mp3 writer”.
  5. You may want to adjust some of the settings by clicking “Configure”. Assign the path that the mp3s will be written to.
  6. Click Play, you won’t hear anything but the mp3s will be created.
  7. Drag them into iTunes or whatever you use. Assign cool pixel art, enjoy.

For Nintendo and Super Nintendo soundtracks, I recommend There are probably more comprehensive collections out there but this one had everything i was looking for. Check out their video game shrines too!

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