Index for the 13 Part ‘Life As a Freelancer’ Series from

BcLYzU1CYAEiSheOver the last 2 years, I wrote a 13 part series of guest posts on on how my life as a freelancer developed. It was tons of fun writing it and really helped me reaffirm what I was doing and how things developed. It’s interesting to look back at it now. Anyways, there was a few requests for a nice organized index. Here it is! Enjoy!

I also wrote some other technical tutorials, I’ll post an index for those later. I haven’t had much free time to write for right now, nor pursue any chiptune fun, but hey, part of life as a freelancer is paying the bills. Hope you enjoy these and if you have any questions feel free to post here. I’m more likely to respond here than to a comment on here, just because it’s more visible to me.

Part I: What It Takes

Part 2: Get The Gear

Part 3: One Year’s Timeline

Part 4: The First Game

Part 5: Losing and How Not To Get Ripped Off

Part 6: The Business

Part 7: Pros and Cons of Freelance Lifestyle

Part 8: When Is a Song Done

Part 9: Making Music For Other People

Part 10: My Biggest Mistakes as a New Freelancer

Part 11: The Art Of Composing Melodies

Part 12: Backup Plans and Perseverance

Part 13: Accounting and Other Boring Stuff

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