IQSoup Releases Impy on iOS Filled With Beatscribe Sounds

IQ Soup has released their second game, Impy, loaded with Beatscribe sounds and music. Impy is a fast-paced runner styled game featuring a tiny creature named Impy who explores the inner core of the earth looking for donuts and cupcakes. The levels start off simple and get progressively more complicated. When you reach the point when the lava starts to surge up, the excitement reaches an even higher level.

imp3The music and sound in Impy pays tribute Atari and NES classics. I guess ArcadeSushi got what I was going for as they stated, “its soundtrack is spectacular and reminds me of the classic Wizards and Warriors for the Nintendo Entertainment System.”

IQ Soup already has some bigger projects in the works that I’m already putting together some awesome sounds for.

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