8Bitx Review of Infinite Skyline

Chris over at 8bitx was nice enough to write a very cool review of Infinite Skyline on the Chiptunes  = Win Vol 2 soundtrack:

Beatscribe is a freelance musician who has composed many incredible tunes for a number of great indie games. He brings his A-game to ChipWIN and showcases his fakebit mastery using the extremely authentic sounds of the Plogue Chipsounds Audio Unit. A strong, determined melody is punctuated with a bouncy bassline. About halfway through, Beatscribe mixes things up and everything gets deliciously circuit-bent. The track starts bursting at the seams with glitched percussion and effects that cut like a buzzsaw. An effortlessly graceful diminuendo returns the song to its original beauty. Upon hearing this, it immediately brought to mind images of Space Harrier; always running towards a horizon that is just out of reach…

Thanks guys! I’m glad people are enjoying the Chiptunes = Win compilations. It’s still one of my personal favorites too. There are just so many good tracks. You can read my review of it at videogamedj.com.

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