Balloon Island Releases Lollipops 2

Satisfying explosions and colorful graphics are what LP2 is all about.

Satisfying explosions and colorful graphics are what LP2 is all about.

Balloon Island is putting out games at a prolific rate these days! They’re one of the big guys in the Match3 world, especially on iOS. Their latest game is a sequel to Lollipops and features some innovative match3 play. The game obviously is inspired and influenced by Candy Crush, but I think in the end, this game is superior in almost every way!

Everyone knows how a match3 game works. Lollipops 2 mixes things up with some multidirectional bombs, perpendicular matching and of course, awesome sounds and music by me! I had a great time making this game with the Balloon Island team. On a whim, I decided to send them somethingchiptune-influenced and they loved it. The main theme is probably one of my new all-time favorite chip-inspired tracks.

We wanted the sound effects to really be fun in this game and make you feel great each time you set off a bomb or cause an awesome chain-reaction. The fact that I ended up playing the game for so long on my first test run is proof that it worked.

Like all Balloon Island games, Lollipops 2 is totally free. A few unobtrusive adds at the bottom of the screen is the only way they’re making money. Lots of respect to Balloon Island for not spamming its players with pop-up ads and sneaky purchases.

Pick up this super addicting match3 game today. [iOs]

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