Three New Wombi Kid’s Games Out With Beatscribe Music and Sound



Wombi totally rules the kid’s game market as far as I’m concerned. Their games have a unique character and great sense of humor. I recently created some tunes and sounds for three new “monster” games. Each helps teach kids about shapes, numbers and the ABCs. I made many kinds of music for this project. The Sea Monster’s Pirate ditty is one of my favorites. What makes pirate music pirate music? I’d say it’s that jaunty, bouncy beat with some fun, boisterous melodies to back it up. There’s also a lot of ambient background noise tracks in these games and some awesome and hilarious voice work. It was a fun project and I know for a fact that it’s not the last Wombi app in the works. I know this because I’m currently buried under a pile of their instruction sheets for their next FIVE games. These guys are machines!!

Check out the free shape monster and the awesome numbers and letter monster games too! You’re kids will love it.

The Shape Monster – learn the shapes (FREE)
(iOS or Android)

The Letter Monster – learn the ABCs ($2.99)
(iOS or Android)

The Number Monster – learn the numbers ($2.99)
(iOS or Android)

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