Beatscribe’s Music Featured in Wombi Helicopter

Wombi helicopter features gorgeous cute graphics!

Wombi helicopter features gorgeous cute graphics!

Wombi Helicopter is one of many games I’ve made with Wombi Kids since their awesome Wombi Detective. Wombi Helicopter plays like a scaled-down version of Jetpack Joyride that even little kids can handle. It’s fun and slightly challenging but not overly difficult. One of the coolest features kids will enjoy is building their own choppa. They then take to the skies and rescue their friends who are inexplicably stranded, floating over the city on balloons.

Like all Wombi games, the graphics are outstanding and have a unique style. While adults may not find the game challenging  or diverse, it’s still good for a quick play while waiting for a train or killing a few minutes. I can attest that children love every Wombi game that comes out.

I enlisted the talented Gérôme Henriey to do the voices of many of the characters who you encounter in the game. This is the tenth game I’ve worked with Gérôme and he always brings the sound reel to life with his hilarious voices and accents. You might notice some recurring characters from Wombi Airplane, Wombi Ice Cream and Wombi Detective (if you have kids who play games, most likely).

This does not bode well...

This does not bode well…

There are currently 5 other Wombi games in the works, all will be featuring sound and music by me. I’m excited to see what this prolific company comes out with yet. Wombi Helicopter is free, celebrating the company’s one-year anniversary. Check it out today.

[Wombi Helicopter – App Store]


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