Memfry Games’ Swipa Whole

Memfry Game’s has followed up their awesome Swipa Dollar with Swipa Whole. Swipa Whole continues the tradition of match 3 styled play with a twist. While Swipa Dollar made you think of how change adds up to a dollar, Swipa Whole works with fractions and musical notes. This is another exciting game from Memfry and it won’t be the last Beatscribe and Memfry collaboration. Each of their games features a hilarious little mascot, this one’s little Beethoven bear is one of my favorites.

Swipa Whole!

Swipa Whole!

Memfry wanted a soundtrack that was electronic and bouncy like that of Swipa Dollar but also had a classical music touch. I ended up combining symphonic string section samples with some fun beats and a little bit of retro synth goodness. I think the final product turned out great!

Buy It Today [App Store]

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