Wombi Detective and Wombi Ice Cream Store Out Now!

Wombi Apps makes tons of fun and highly polished kid’s game. This month they released both Wombi Detective and Wombi Ice Cream, the first of a long line of games they’re working on that feature my music. These games are pretty simple since they’re for children, so, uh, don’t expect any massive level of challenge from them, but if you have kids, they’ll love Wombi Ice Cream and Wombi Detective.


"It was a moist night..."

“It was a moist night…”

I particularly love Wombi Detective. It’s a kid’s game done in a light film noir-influenced private eye kind of theme. This game has so much atmosphere for such a basic kid’s game, that I almost wish they’d make Wombi Detective RPG or something to expand on the anthropomorphic world of this little crime-fighting owl. I’ve always loved making sneaky spy tunes and smoky jazz, so I had a blast with this game, even though there are only a few short loops.

The game starts with a frantic victim telling you about his stolen item, he only saw the height, eye color and hat of the offender. Next you go to the police line up and pick out the victim. Of course, without evidence you can’t put the evil walrus or rude froggy in jail, so you have to investigate clues and determine which of the five crime scene locations the item might be hidden at. Each crime scene has it’s own mini-game to go with it. There’s actually a good deal of memory taxing gameplay here. Sure, I can beat the game in 10 minutes but I do have to pay attention!

Apparently, I’m not the only one who enjoys the mood this app creates:

My family loves how inventive this app is – with a great use of suspenseful film noir type music that really sets the tone. Adults will love playing this game as much as children will. –GiggleApps

They really need to expand this into a grownups game. I have another more extensive game with lots of swing and blues coming up soon. I love this kind of music and can’t get enough of it! Someone make a game that needs ska please!!


I have to admit, I have sometimes been outsmarted by this children's app...

I have to admit, I have sometimes been outsmarted by this children’s app…

The game also features voice talent of Gerome Henriey, someone who I hire on almost any kid’s game I do. He can do everything from Stitch to cartoonified Wookies. Check it out.

App Store:  Wombi Detective  | Wombi Ice Cream

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