Vortex Gaming’s AquaDude Officially Released on iOS and Android

How do you make underwater, surfer, sci-fi video game music? I didn’t know until I worked on this game. It’s a nice little underwater endless flyer which will no doubt remind you of some other iOs/Android great games. I’m happy to have contributed to making the game complete with tons of exciting sounds and a genre blending soundtrack that I think came out quite nice.


On working with Beatscribe, Daniel from Vortex Gaming says:

BeatScribe helped us on our upcoming game Aquadude, he worked closely with us every step of the way to create some challenging underwater sound effects that really brought game to life. That is to say nothing of the phenomenal music that he also created that keep the game moving. He responds quickly to any question or revision request and usually gives us an updated sound or music sample on the same day. We’ll definitely use him again for future projects.

Best thing is, this game is free. So pick it up today (iOS / Android)

Aqua Dude is not Aqua Man! Sometimes he has a ship...

Aqua Dude grabs himself  a ship!

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